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Led by our principal attorney, Denise Clark, we will assess your benefit claim and customize a strategy that addresses your unique circumstances. Whether you need an advocate in court or during the administrative process, our team will protect your interests throughout all stages of the process from the initializing your claim, filing your appeal, and litigation.

Employee benefits are one of the important aspects of your job because they either reflect your long-term service in the company or provide you added security when something goes wrong. Hopefully when you file your claim to receive your benefits, those benefits will not be denied. However, if you receive that denial letter, you need experienced counsel to help you with your appeal or your litigation.

At Clark Law Group, PLLC, our benefits lawyers have the legal experience you require to resolve your benefits matter.

We handle benefit claims in the following insured and self-insured plans:

  • Short-term Disability Plans
  • Long-term Disability Plans
  • Life Insurance and Accidental Death Plans
  • Health Insurance Plans
  • Retirement Plans

We also handle claims for benefits from union plans commonly referred to as multiemployer plans.

Your Legal Ally Throughout The Claim, Appeal And Litigation Process

Located in Washington, D.C., our firm advises employees throughout the country. Since we accept only employee benefits cases, our attorneys remain current with the legal trends and legislation that shape this practice area.

We also offer comprehensive legal services for a variety of benefits matters such as:

  • Federal employee retirement and disability claims
  • State and municipality retirement and disability claims
  • Employment severance packages, restrictive covenants and noncompetition agreements impacting executive compensation and benefits

We counsel a range of employees, advising individuals with union memberships, midlevel manager experience or those in executive positions. Our high rate of client referrals and positive reviews testify to the quality of legal service we provide.

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